The common therapeutic folk practice available through Google Play

An ancient practice of reflexology, available within the convenience of your mobile device. Release endorphins to enter a state of calmness and focus to ease the nervousness of a stressful situation.

Identify your worry

Write out your worry and define its intensity; A somewhat counterintuitive idea, but studies have demonstrated expressive writing helps to reduce rumination and can improve exam scores.

Select your stone

Will it be the calming rhythmic frequencies of Amethyst or the mysterious transformative properties of Labradorite? Choose between five (5) types of stone.

(S)wipe away

Simple tasks or even slight movement can disrupt negative thinking and liberate critical working memory. Rub your display to feel the smoothness of a polished river rock; watch as your worry fades away.

Mobile & Tablet

MyWorryStone is designed with mobile and tablet devices in mind. Rated E for Everyone. A minimum of Android 4.0 is required.